HearEdge was initiated by the congregation at St Martin-in-the-Fields in 2017. Here's what happaned.

HeartEdge arose because of delegations from the UK and overseas were coming to St Martin’s to learn about the features of its life that are transferable and seeking to adapt and replicate them in their own contexts. This recognition of its national and international vocation led St Martin’s in February 2017 to launch a national movement that now has ecumenical and international dimensions. It seeks the renewal of the church by catalysing kingdom communities. It aims to foster, not to impose; it sees the kingdom as God’s gift to renew the church, rather than as a mission-field to be conformed to the church’s image; and it sees churches as lively and dynamic communities, rather than defensive and narrow congregations.

Through HeartEdge, communities mentor one another, offer consultancy days to one another, and meet in larger gatherings to exchange ideas, encouragement and challenge. It seeks not to create clones of St Martin’s, but to become the international embodiment of those committed to the vision to be ‘At the heart. On the edge.’

Just as St Martin’s aspires to be a community of hope, reimagining church and society through commerce, culture, compassion and congregational life, so HeartEdge cultivates an understanding of mission based around these 4 Cs. What’s unique about St Martin’s is not that it is engaged in commerce, culture, compassion or congregational life – many churches are, to different degrees – but that it’s hugely invested in all four at the same time.

HeartEdge rests on the conviction that the interplay of two, or preferably three or four of these can profoundly enrich a church and can cross-fertilise one another to great effect. The movement is largely about encouraging and enabling churches to see such interplays begin, flourish and grow. This is what it means by describing itself as an international movement of kingdom churches: churches that believe the Holy Spirit is moving beyond the conventional notion of church, and believe in modelling the life of heaven by being open to partnership with what the Spirit is doing in the world.