Our mission is to work with churches to grow an international support network, developing commercial work, cultural activity, compassionate response to social need and congregational life (the 4 Cs).

Congregations grow as they engage with activity beyond the church. HeartEdge works to develop network, communication and resource to support the movement. We are focused on network, communication and resource:

Network: Being together, making connections

HeartEdge provides spaces for churches and groups to meet up, share ideas and nurture supportive networks. This includes:

  • HeartEdge Day: Stories, practical ideas, theologies and connections; an intensive bespoke programme focused on mission and our four Cs; commerce, congregation, culture compassion. Contributors, all practitioners learning by doing, experts by experience. A moment to share insights, learning.

  • HeartEdge Conference: Our annual two-day intensive on ideas, connections, theology and mission. An eclectic programme and diverse mix of experienced global practitioners – people learning by doing – highlighting effective work, questioning challenges, offering ways through. Also celebrating members achievement.

  • HeartEdge Consultancy: A half-day hosted by your church, focused around your questions, experience and concern, going deeper into issues about ministry and your context. Then sharing with a bespoke team of practitioners, stories of experience, ideas and approaches – inspiring, practical and equipping.

  • HeartEdge Workshops: practical half-days focused on aspects of one of our four Cs.

    • Disability Groups – Development where disabled people ‘join in’, not just ‘get in’.

    • Great Sacred Music – Sharing faith insights with mainstream, secular audiences.

    • International Groups – Hospitality with those with no recourse to public funds.

    • Stand-up Theology – Theological reflection via comedy and performance.

    • City Chaplain – Mixing ideas, enterprise and support emerging from Amsterdam

    • Start:Stop – Early morning reflections for busy commuters developed in the city

    • Nazareth Community – building community and deepening discipleship


Communication: Sharing experience, developing together

We grow through sharing and keeping in touch. We do this through the website - log on and we keep you up to date. We also do this via:

  • HeartEdge Brokerage: HeartEdge members share a Snapshot about their church and context, used to match with the circumstances and experience of other churches.

  • HeartEdge Meet-Ups: enables members to find and meet up with others sharing similar contexts and challenges, to ask questions and find answers and support.

  • Hub Church: facilitating HeartEdge in your area, with members growing support, resource and hosting regular events.

  • HeartEdge Mailer: Useful monthly email with links to material around the 4Cs.

Resource: HeartEdge related publications

  • The Future is Bigger than the Past: HeartEdge theology and practice (Canterbury: 2019)

  • Incarnational Ministry: Being with the Church (Canterbury 2017)

  • Incarnational Mission: Being with the World (Canterbury 2018)

  • Liturgy on the Edge: Pastoral & Attractional Worship (Canterbury 2018)

HearEdge is not a branded technique. We are not peddling a well-honed resource. We are a signpost pointing you to ideas, stories, resources and approaches. Through the network and beyond, there are churches developing significant engagement relevant and useful to you in your work. We want to learn more and tell others, pointing them to your practice.

What works for you?

We think every church and community has useful insights, experience, ideas and assets. Alongside this are challenges, obstacles and inertia.

  • We learn about what works for you and the obstacles and provide spaces to share this and find suppport and resource across the network.