Our vision is of a global movement renewing the local church, sustaining lively and dynamic communities in a thriving society.

Reimagining church and society means church becoming a model of what a renewed society might look like.

The interdependence of commerce, culture, compassion and congregational life is key to the HeartEdge vision. The approach sustains itself, is open to the gifts of strangers, and exhibits the life of faith.

HeartEdge has a sevenfold proposal central to our vision for reimagining church and society:

  1. In contrast to fear - recognisable communities of hope, embodying a liberating story of reconciliation and grace.

  2. In contrast to exclusion - distinctive congregations whose life is shaped and renewed through the energy and gifts of those culturally, economically and socially ‘on the edge,’ and whose diversity reflects the diverse glory of God.

  3. In contrast to despair - faithful disciples who have discovered how God is made known in times of adversity and who thus walk with the dispossessed in order to be close to God.

  4. In contrast to decline - humble institutions whose need for financial sustainability opens their lives to the skill, vision and wisdom of those who scarcely or only partly share their faith.

  5. In contrast to defensiveness - fertile centres of creative and artistic flourishing through which people apprehend beauty in the world and talent in themselves and one another.

  6. In contrast to denial - penitent communities that recognise the individual and corporate legacy of the misuse of power and the dominance of some social groups over others, nationally and internationally, and are seeking new forms of practice and relationship.

  7. In contrast to turning inward - thriving churches that individually and corporately are seen as an unqualified blessing by their neighbourhoods and nation.

The HeartEdge Vision informs our mission - and our priorities for HeartEdge.