Every church and community has stories. From tales of 'what works well' and 'we-did'-it', to the 'it-was-a-nightmare-but' stories. HeartEdge is interested in both.

Stories of what work well reveal hints, tips, insight and practice. This becomes useful to others sharing similar circumstances - or looking to try something different.

Stories of obstacles and inertia highlight familiar realities. They also reveal how you did, or didn't navigate the challenge or find ways of getting through.

Either way, both the 'what worked well' and the 'obstacles we're navigating' are part of all our stories. We relate to both. Each are key to doing HeartEdge. We look for the learning locked inside - the insight that is transferable and useful elsewhere. Both types of stories feature helpful learning - useful 'take-away' hints and tips or principles of practice - we think will be useful to others. They may also highlight our challenge - the fragility and vunerability of our 'work in progress'.

Not the finished article or 'success story' HeartEdge is about sharing in the 'work in progress'.

The stories you share here help HeartEdge people and churches to make connections, grow insight and develop ideas and action. Maybe this also builds association, solidarity and support. This is all HeartEdge.

Please do share your story - or the stories of your practice.

We think keep it short and snappy. Anything between fifty and five-hundred words is good.

To share your stories from your church, join HeartEdge here. You can start with completing the HeartEdge Snapshot. Here, we have framed some essential questions to help get you started. Don't worry about grammer or spell-checking - we can help with this. 

Uploading your story is easy, and if you agree, we'll publish the story on the website for others to read.

While you're at it - we've provided some stories to get started, see our links to the side.