St Isidore, Texas

St Isidore Episcopal Church is based in and around the Spring neighbourhoods in Montgomery County, Texas, USA.

They have no church building, meeting instead in communities which gather around a shared community need or interest. Each community was launched to reach a specific group who are excluded from standard church services, where they together shape church into forms which are accessible and positive for them. There are currently 8 active communities. Warrior Church meets in a gym and incorporates physical activity, where many veterans with PTSD are involved.

At Laundry Love, aimed at the working poor who work six days a week and fulfil their household needs on Sundays, the community gathers in a laundrette to offer free laundry services and haircuts, with a bilingual Spanish-English Eucharist.

Taco Church is a men-only community, meeting over post-workout breakfast, which grew out of Sean’s connections at the gym with men who wanted to talk to a cleric in their own space. Other communities meet around kitchen tables and as a Pub Philosophy group.

All the communities meet together as a larger church gathering once a month, in the large warehouse which houses their Abundant Harvest Kitchen. This social enterprise launched days before COVID-19 lockdown; by September it was feeding over 500 local families and had served over 6,600 meals. They reach another 200 local families through the church’s food truck.

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