St Stephen Walbrook | Ideas

St Stephen Walbrook in the City of London and nearby St Martin- in-the-Fields began a Partnership Working Group involving representatives from both PCCs plus key members of the staff team at St Martin’s.

The new group initially designed the specification and profile for a 'Priest for Partnership Development' position, a post shared by both churches, then operated as a ‘blue-sky thinking’ group. The group has been the seed bed for new initiatives undertaken by St Stephen Walbrook, including:

  • Start:Stop: Brief early morning reflections for City workers on their way into work.

  • Discover & Explore: Lunchtime services with liturgy devised on a thematic basis and with input from the Choral Scholars of St Martin’s.

  • HR/Estates Management: Advice provided on a consultancy basis related to contracts, policies and internet provision.

  • Music: Sourcing of singers through the pool of musicians maintained by St Martin’s.

  • Volunteers: Volunteer input to the development of the London Internet Church (based at St Stephen’s).

  • Ideas. Ideas for new outreach/promotional events, such as a Wedding Fayre.

  • These initiatives are being taken forward by St Stephen Walbrook, with St Martin’s providing support where appropriate (on a costed basis). The ideas are context-based, forming part of the 'Mission Action Plan' for St Stephen, addressing maintenance of existing ministry, new developments and financial sustainability.

The Partnership Working Group continues to contribute ideas in the next stage of development at St Stephen’s when plans will be formed for the re-development of its Crypt.