Living God's future now

Jonathan Evens preached on the Transfiguration and HeartEdge at founder member St Peter's Nottingham on Sunday 23 February.

His sermon can be read here:

'The experience of what it’s like to feel as though we’re already in heaven is what we call the kingdom of God. In HeartEdge we are seeking the renewal of the church by catalysing kingdom communities where we all have that experience. That is transfiguration. In Jesus’ transfiguration we see a whole reality within and beneath and beyond what we thought we understood; in times of bewilderment and confusion, we are shown God’s glory, that we may find a deeper truth to life than we ever knew, make firmer friends than we ever had, discover reasons for living beyond what we’d ever imagined, and be folded into God’s grace like never before. In other words, God reshapes our reality, to give us a new and right spirit to trust that even in the midst of suffering and hardship, truth can still be experienced and shared.

Entering in to that experience of glory is where we’re going.'