Join a Choir | The Sofa Singers | Responding to Covid-19

This is great. A choir from your sofa. And, something else. Read on:

"So London is pretty much on lock-down, meaning we’re all on the hunt for some alto experiences. Like The Sofa Singers, an online choir that you can join direct from your couch.

Now we know what you’re thinking: What an amazing idea. How long’s that been running for? So it might surprise you to know that The Sofa Singers has actually only just launched. It’s been set up by UK-born James Sill in response to Covid-19 and the potential for global self-isolation. James is a musician and ‘vocal leader’ by trade, so he’s always had a passion for music, a passion which he’s now using to bring people together and raise spirits at this obviously challenging time."

We love this because of the sheer joy and determination - that wild, risky, 'lets do it!' factor. Ideas - and inspiration - for days like this.

Read the article here. Plus more here.

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