Keep Our Doors Open - Responses to Covid-19

HeartEdge is an initiuative of St Martin-in-the-Fields - a church that has always remained open for the people it serves, even through times of hardship such as the Blitz.

Covid-19 has forced St Martins to close our buildings for the first time in our history, but our vital work within the community and beyond simply must continue.

St Martins has always strived to be a sanctuary for worshippers and also provide social justice for marginalised communities and people experiencing homelessness. The church continues to support those most vulnerable, launching the nationwide Covid-19 Emergency Fund, whilst The Connection work round the clock supporting people during the Covid-19 outbreak.

"Our all-year-round schedule of concerts and events, along with our cafe and shop, have long provided a cultural centre for London and helped to support our social care work. But now, with no music in our buildings, our vital work and our church is lacking the support it once had. Please send your gift today to help us continue our work and ensure that, when it’s safe to do so, we can open our doors once again".

Thank you. You can donate here.