April Mailer | Ideas resources

The April Mailer is out! This months links to ideas and resources include: 

  • Bryony Taylor on tips and tactics for online church (we love this!)
  • Maggi Dawn on creativity, inspiration in the lockdown
  • Cormac Russell on Covid-19 and community engagement - lots on this
  • A brilliant benediction from Jane Manfredi
  • Sherry Maddock on going deeper during the lockdown
  • Amsterdam on a Kate Raworth and a holistic 'donut' response to pandemic, climate crisis and the economy
  • The challenge of managing a business in the pandemic with 'Clean for Good'.
  • Plus phone trees!
  • Links to 'High Profile' interviews including Patti Smith, plus all the Greenbelt talks since 2001 and an Arvo Pärt interview.
  • Also, three brilliant short films to share. And a link to free cards to share via social business  'Out-of-the-Box'
  • Lots more!

And a chunky extract from Harvey Kwiyani's excellent new book 'Multicultural Kingdom: Ethnic Diversity, Mission and the Church'.

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