Inspired to Follow: Art and the Bible Story - Sin

This series of 'Inspired to Follow: Art and the Bible Story' explores the concept of sin in art. Register at  

‘Inspired to Follow: Art and the Bible Story’ helps people explore the Christian faith, using paintings and Biblical story as the starting points. It’s been created by St Martin-in-the-Fields in partnership with the National Gallery.

The course uses fine art paintings in the National Gallery’s collection, along with a theological reflection and a Biblical text, as a spring board for exploring these two questions:

How can I deepen my faith in God?

What does it mean to follow Jesus today?

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This short series is based on paintings included in the National Gallery's 'Sin' exhibition. Bringing together works of art that span centuries – from Bruegel and Velázquez to Andy Warhol and Tracey Emin – this exhibition explores the concept of sin in art. This exhibition looks at complex theological ideas and depictions of ‘sinful’ everyday behaviour that blur the boundaries between religious and secular art. See

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11th October 2020

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