Learning a Missional Practice: Dwelling in the Word

Having discovered synergy around our visions of living God’s future now and becoming a missional Church, HeartEdge in partnership the Church Mission Society invites you to

Learning a Missional Practice: Dwelling in the Word, Wednesday 28 October 2020, 14:00 – 15:30 GMT, zoom - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/learning-a-missional-practice-dwelling-in-the-word-tickets-119890761495

Churches around the world have had their internal and external relationships transformed by making Dwelling in the Word a communal habit when they meet together.The practice is a simple, but profound way of reading the bible in community, based on Lectio Divina while being subtly quite different from that ancient practice.This session will introduce the practice, enable an experience of it and offer a time to reflect together on what happened.There will then be an opportunity to take the practice away and introduce it “at home” and later, as an option returning to meet together to see what might happen next. [18th November 2-3.30pm Follow-up Session]

The session will be facilitated by Nigel Rooms (photo above) with Frauke Eicker from the Church Mission Society. They lead for CMS on the Partnership for Missional Church process of congregational discovery and change. Dwelling in the Word is one of six missional practices offered by CMS as drivers of deep cultural change in local churches towards God’s mission.If you’d like to see what is involved the practice is explained simply here


If you are interested there are some videos & audios here of people from different countries around the world talking about their experience of the practice


Here is a small handbook which explains more about the practice available here https://churchmissionsociety.org/resources/dwelling-word-pocket-handbook/