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Resources from Shut In Shut Out Shut Up #4 Disabled people & coronavirus: post-pandemic church 

Fiona MacMillan

Emily Richardson

Katie Tupling


Resources from Shut In, Shut Out, Shut Up – #5: Neurodiversity & Church - Intersectionality

Bingo Allison

Further reading & resources


  • Ann Memmott,  pioneering autistic autism consultant,  advocate & practitioner,  Author of main Church oF England guidelines on welcoming autistic people, Twitter  @AnnMemmott 


  • Monday 16 November 6pm -With love to guide us, nothing can divide us: Religious faith and LGBTI+. With both a religious and general challenge to LGBTI+ people and even to their alliances, is conflict between religion and LGBTI+ people inevitable? A lecture and Q&A with Revd Dr Christina (Tina) Beardsley.  Open Table Liverpool in partnership with HeartEdge. 
  • Monday 16 November  - Transgender Day of Remembrance. TdoR is a day set aside to grieve the loss of people from the transgender and nonbinary community, and to reflect on the violence commonly perpetuated against them. If you wish to engage in this day from home, the following vigils will be occurring online: Open Table Network 7pm –; Digital Vigil 6pm -


Session 6: Disability, social justice & church

Dr Naomi Lawson Jacobs  (they/them) is a researcher, disability advocate and trainer, whose PhD on disabled people’s experiences of churches was published in 2019. Naomi is currently co-writing a book on disability, churches and social justice.


Krysia Waldock (she/her ) is an Autistic and disabled PhD candidate exploring the inclusion of Autistic people within the context of belief systems. Her work focuses on social justice from the perspective of critical disability studies. She is currently researching the experiences of minority identities in churches, faith and humanist communities.


References & resources for further reading

Fiona MacMillan


Naomi Lawson Jacobs

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Krysia Waldock