Living God's Future Now - w/c 29 November 2020

'Living God’s Future Now’ is our online festival of theology, ideas and practice.

We’re developing this in response to the pandemic and our changing world. The church is changing too, and - as we improvise and experiment - we can learn and support each other.

This is 'Living God’s Future Now’ - talks, workshops and discussion - hosted by HeartEdge. Created to equip, encourage and energise churches - from leaders to volunteers and enquirers - at the heart and on the edge.

Sunday 29 November

Inspired to Follow: Art and the Bible Story: Sunday 29 November, 14:00 (GMT), Zoom meeting - ‘The Advent Wreath’ exploring the Patriarchs, the Prophets, John the Baptist and Mary. Session 1, The Patriarchs - Genesis 12:1-10.‘The Departure of Abraham’; Workshop or imitator of Jacopo Bassano, about 1570-90, NG2148. ‘Inspired to Follow: Art and the Bible Story’ helps people explore the Christian faith, using paintings and Biblical story as the starting points. The course uses fine art paintings in the National Gallery’s collection as a spring board for exploring questions of faith.

Monday 30 November

Apocalyptic Lockdown Blues: Monday 30 November, 16:30 GMT, zoom - A musical journey through lockdown, with visual mapping exercises and dialogue to explore the pandemic as an apocalypse - an event that reveals, and a threshold to new possibilities. With David Benjamin Blower: 6-string writer, poet, theologian and podcaster from Birmingham.

Biblical Studies class: 19:30-21:00 (BST), Zoom meeting. Join Simon Woodman for a lecture looking at the New Testament Epistles followed by discussion, with handouts. Register in advance:    

Tuesday 1 December

Sermon Preparation Workshop: 16:30 (GMT), livestreamed at Sam Wells and Sally Hitchiner discuss the forthcoming Sunday's lectionary readings in the light of current events and share thoughts on approaches to the passages.

Wednesday 2 December

Community of Practitioners workshop: 16:30 (GMT), Zoom meeting - An opportunity for ministers and other leaders of HeartEdge churches to meet together to reflect on issues relating to congregational renewal through commerce, culture and compassion. Email for an invitation.

Special Mention - Forthcoming

‘Living God’s Future Now’ - HeartEdge monthly dialogue: Thursday 10 December, 18:00 (BST), Zoom meeting - register here. Sam Wells in dialogue on improvising the kingdom with Steve Chalke. Rev Steve Chalke is a Baptist minister, former United Nations' Special Adviser on Human Trafficking and founder of Oasis - a community transformation movement, working in and beyond the UK across Housing, Education, and anti-trafficking and much more. He was awarded an MBE in 2004, installed as an ecumenical Canon of Southwark Cathedral in 2017 and most recently was awarded the Spirit of London award.

Last Week's Highlight

Dr Eeva John, Enabling Officer – LLF and Revd Canon Giles Goddard, Vicar of St John’s Waterloo and member of the LLF working group answered, sometimes difficult, questions on the process involved in the development of the new resources - Living in Love and Faith. They also shared personal stories about their involvement. It was a helpful and productive time together - have a watch here

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Over the next few months we are looking at everything from growing online congregations, rethinking enterprise and community action to doing diversity, deepening spirituality and responding to social need. 
Are we missing something? Be in touch about your ideas for development and change.

Please note that invitations will be sent 24hrs, 12hrs, 1hr and 10 mins before an event, mostly to minimise the chance of misuse. Thank you.

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27th November 2020

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