Building for the Future

A Zoom conference, for all interested parties, to consider strategies for churches and church buildings - April 19th 3 – 4.30 p.m.

Some of the questions that many churches have been wrestling with during the pandemic have concerned the implications for the way in which our buildings play a part, for better or for worse, in God’s mission and in local communities and neighbourhoods.

The URC Buildings Forum has existed for several years with a focus on these questions and this online conference is intended to be the first of a series that will focus on different aspects of exploring the use of our buildings and capital assets. The General Secretary, John Bradbury, will give a keynote address to guide our thinking about the purposeful and creative use of our premises; the HeartEdge movement, begun by St Martin-in-the-Fields, will share a little about the ways in which they can support you in the use of your buildings, and there will be at least one story of a creative idea that is being put into practice.

It will also be an opportunity for conversation in breakout rooms and importantly will be a listening exercise to hear the questions that you have, the challenges that particular churches face and hopefully something of positive ideas and news. This will assist us in planning further conferences. This online event is open to everyone, whether or not you’ve been part of the Forum previously. The meeting will be recorded in speaker view so only those providing input will be recorded.

To register please email with ‘Building for the Future’ in the subject line, by April 16th. Along with your name and email address, please tell us which church you belong to or are representing, if appropriate. Login details will be sent a few days before the meeting. Further information and updates are also available on the Forum website homepage