Sacred Pavement: spirituality for urban dwellers in tough times

Book Launch: 'Sacred Pavement: a do-it yourself guide to spirituality in the city' by Rev'd Erin Clark, Rector, St Matthew's, Bethnal Green.

Thursday, 11 March 2021, 14:00 – 15:30 GMT

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We're coming up on a year of covid, and many of us feel like we've never left Lent. How do those of us who've spent the pandemic in urban contexts cope with the demands on our spiritual lives? Do we yearn ever more deeply for escape, or do we let our cities be our teachers? In this workshop, you're invited to join Erin Clark as she shares insights from her recent book, Sacred Pavement: a DIY guide to spirituality in the city. In conversation with Dumaeza Nhlapo and Meredith Gunderson, we'll explore some of the ways in which city-dwelling can be a spiritual practice in itself.

Erin is a writer, a priest, a wayward theologian and an incurable optimist. Her work has been published in such places as Pilcrow & Dagger, Geez and Mash. She recently authored a chapter in The Book of Queer Prophets: 24 writers on sexuality and religion. She is currently Rector of St Matthew's Bethnal Green.

Dumaeza Nhlapo is a Zulu Southern African, guise as a Londoner. He has dabbled in Youthwork (for over a decade), and led a church plant. He is an ordinand at St George-in-the-East in Shadwell, where he is discovering (to his surprise) just how much the catholic tradition has in common with African spirituality and Hip-Hop.

Meredith Gunderson is a London-based yogi, curator, artist and mystic, who studies and teaches spiritual practices to bring us more fully into our authentic selves. She created online resource centre, The Modern Meditation Movement and collaboratively produces a podcast, The Vicar & The Mystic with her husband who is a Church of England Priest.