Being With Neighbours Internationally

Being With Neighbours Internationally: Come and share stories about how to reimagine international church partnerships in this digital age.

Thu, 27 May 2021, 14:00 – 15:30 BST. Register for a Zoom invite at

Covid has forced the world into isolation through restrictions on international travel. This situation has led churches to reimagine how best to use their digital capacity to build relationships overseas in more ecological and sustainable ways. Historically, churches across denominations have had international links. Often these have flourished under particular church leadership or personal relationships and when these people move on, such initial links limp along without much direction because ground-to-ground relationships are too difficult to maintain. Links have also at times gravitated towards clergy to clergy jollies rather than embracing the full potential of discipleship and fellowship opportunities for the whole congregation. Where technology is available, new relationships are possible.

This workshop shares practical examples of how to be with neighbours internationally in a way that leads to mutual flourishing for the whole congregation. We will hear stories from US, UK, Africa, Europe and beyond to inspire our ministries. Partners will join from both sides of a dialogue to enrich our sharing together. Bring your own stories too.

We will end with a short liturgy of thanksgiving.