Public Health and Church Engagement Post Pandemic

In this series of workshops, The Revd. Dr. Gillian Straine CEO of The Guild of Health and St Raphael will be exploring the potential of the church and people of faith to be agents of healing in our post pandemic world. By exploring the roots of the links between faith and health, theologies of healing and good practice she will encourage and empower participants to understand the role of the church alongside science, medicine and public health.

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Workshop 1 Wednesday 5 May 10.30-midday

Explores the potential for the healing ministry, and looks in particular at the history of healing in the Christian church and the biblical background for healing as a missionary activity.


Workshop 2 Wednesday 12 May 10.30-midday

Develops a theology of healing by exploring the question, 'What is healing?'. We will look at the approaches to healing taken by medicine, psychology and the New Age movement and raise our confidence in the potential of Christian healing tod


Workshop 3 Wednesday 26 May 10.30- midday

Explores best practice in the healing ministry, including how to pray for healing, the healing sacraments, and how to create an healing atmosphere. We will explore different approaches, and look at some diverse experience of healing. The Healthy Healing Hub project will be introduced, and begin to explore the question of how God is calling you to respond to what has been explored in this course.


Biography of Dr Gillian Straine:

The Revd. Dr. Gillian Straine is passionately committed to health, healing and Christian living. She is a cancer survivor, Anglican priest, theologian and scientist with a strong interest in communication and teaching. She has a doctorate in Physics from Imperial College London and an MA in Theology from the University of Oxford. She is particularly keen to bring the study of science into conversations about Christian healing. She is the author of Introducing Science and Religion: A path through polemic (SPCK, 2014), The Limits of Science? (CSP, 2017) and Cancer: A Pilgrim Companion (SPCK, 2017). She lives in Lichfield with her husband and two young children.