HeartEdge videos

Most HeartEdge events are recorded and our original location for these videos was the Video page on the HeartEdge Facebook page

Recently, however, with the help of our US partners Try Tank, we have created a HeartEdge YouTube page and are adding our videos there. HeartEdge videos can now also be found on StMartins.digital where services, meditations, music, lectures and more from St Martin-in-the-Fields can be watched all day long. Both enable us to categorize and group our videos so they are easier to find. We are using the 4 Cs as our principle categories. These platforms also enable us to share recordings made with our partners including The CEEP Network and our Southern African hub.  

To find these new platforms go to:

HeartEdge YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWUH-ngsbTAKMxCJmoIc7mQ 

StMartins.digital - https://stmartins.digital/