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Shut In Shut Out Shut Up – Friday 14 May 2021

Ableism, Faith & Church: Context


Biographies and Resources

Fiona MacMillan (she/her)  is a disability advocate, practitioner, speaker and writer. Fiona chairs the Disability Advisory Group at St Martin in the Fields and is a trustee of Inclusive Church. She leads the planning team for their annual disability conference, now in its 10th year.

  • Fiona is on twitter @jpuddlegoose


  • Karli Friedman & Aleksa L Owen (2017) Defining Disability: Understandings of and Attitudes Towards Ableism and Disability
  • Everyday Ableism Useful 101 guide with some Dos and Don'ts
  • Colin Barnes Social Model of Disabilty – short video – YouTube Professor of Disability Studies, Leeds University explains the idea, origin and influence.
  • Katherine May (2018) The Electricity of Every Living Thing  - Trapeze
  • Calling from the Edge (2017) Ideas and calls from  speakers and delegates at 2012-2016 Living Edge conferences. Booklet 
  • Something Worth Sharing (2019)  Ideas and practical resources to create change. Theology, language, access, structures, communication and models. Booklet. Both booklets are free to download
  • John Hull et al (DLT 2014) Disability (Inclusive Church/DLT 2014) Combines stories of lived experience with overview of disability theology.
  • Hardwick, L (2021) Disability and the Church: A Vision for Diversity & Inclusion Ivy Press


Ann Memmott (she/they) is the author of the Church of England autism guidelines, and a member of the St Martin in the Fields/Inclusive Church disability conference planning team. Ann is a national adviser on neurodivergent inclusion, working with a variety of organisations, and a regular contributor to Radio 4's Prayer for the Day.



Dr Naomi Lawson Jacobs  (they/them) is a neurodivergent, disabled researcher, writer and trainer. Naomi completed a PhD on disabled people’s experiences of churches in 2019, and is now co-writing a book on disability, churches and social justice. They were part of the planning team for the Living Edge conferences for several years. Naomi aims to use their research to support a growing disabled Christian movement, where a new thing is taking root on the edge of the church.


  • UPIAS (1976) Fundamental Principles of Disability. UPIAS. The original definition of the social model. Free in PDF form.
  • Michael Oliver (2004) If I Had a Hammer: The Social Model in Action. In C. Barnes & G. Mercer (Eds.) Implementing The Social Model of Disability: Theory and Research. The Disability Press. Chapter available free in PDF form.
  • Patty Berne (2016) Skin, Tooth, and Bone - The Basis of Movement is Our People: A Disability Justice Primer. Sins Invalid.
  • Fiona Kumari Campbell (2012) Contours of Ableism: The Production of Disability and Abledness. Palgrave Macmillan. Fiona Kumari Campbell was one of the first people to write about ableism as “the system from which forms of disablism, hetero/sexism and racism emanate, [which] has in mind a ‘species-typical’ human being.”
  • Victoria Brignell (2010) The Eugenics Movement Britain Wants to Forget
  • Sara Ahmed (2010). The Promise of Happiness. Duke University Press.
  • Damon Rose (2019) Stop Trying to 'Heal' Me An episode of the Heart and Soul podcast explored this issue in more depth.
  • Nancy Eiesland (1994) The Disabled God: Toward a Liberatory Theology of Disability. Abingdon Press.
  • Hannah Lewis (2007) Deaf Liberation Theology. Ashgate Publishing.
  • John Hull (2002) ‘Sight to the Inly Blind’? Attitudes to Blindness in the Hymnbooks. Theology, 105.
  • Gustavo Guttierez (1984) A Theology of Liberation. Monthly Review, 36.
  • Dan Goodley (2014) Dis/ability Studies: Theorising Disablism and Ableism. Taylor and Francis. A good introduction to ableism.
  • Nirmala Erevelles (2011). Disability and Difference in Global Contexts: Enabling a Transformative Body Politic. Springer. Erevelles writes about how the roots of ableism are connected to the roots of white supremacy and racism, although they are different.
  • The ‘No Body Is Disposable’ video series on ableism - conversations by the American activist group Sins Invalid, from a Disability Justice (intersectional) perspective. (Language warning.)


Shut In Shut Out Shut Up - Friday 21 May - Culture 

Krysia Waldock (she/her) is an Autistic and disabled PhD candidate exploring the inclusion of Autistic people within the context of belief systems. Her work focuses on social justice from the perspective of critical disability studies. She is currently researching the experiences of minority identities in churches, faith and humanist communities.



Revd Rachel Noel is a late diagnosed autistic, ADHD and disabled priest in the Diocese of Winchester. After a career in organisational strategy and change management in the cruise industry, Rachel was ordained in 2014.  She has a particular interest in disability theology, mental health & trauma theology, and is the newest member of the Living Edge conference planning team.



Friday 28 May – Practice

Rev Dr Hannah Lewis (she/her) is a Deaf BSL using priest currently working in Liverpool Diocese as pioneer minister with the Deaf community and supporting disability access for parishes. She is also a freelance Deaf Liberation Theologian and researches, writes and presents on that topic whenever the chance arises.

  • Deaf Liberation Theology (2007) published by Ashgate
  • ‘Deaf Liberation Theology and Social Justice’ Religions, 2017, 8(10), 232.
  • ‘How can we develop more Deaf Christian Leaders?’ Theology Today, Vol 77, issue 2, 2020
  • @deafhannah on Twitter



Dr Rachel Holdforth (she/her) is a disability advocate, chaplain, spiritual director and printmaker. Rachel is disability advisor for her Area within the Third Order of the Society of St Francis. She is working on a series of prints representing disabled perspectives within Christianity.


  • On Fire Mission
  • Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, (2018), Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver
  • Places I’ve Taken my Body, Molly McCully Brown, (2021) Faber and Faber Ltd, London
  • Hurting Yet Whole,  Liuan Huska, (2020), InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL
  • This is my Body, Jennie Hogan, (2017), Canterbury Press, Norwich
  • Grave Attending: A political Theology for the Unredeemed, Karen Bray, (2020), Fordham University Press, New York
  • A Still Life: A Memoir, Josie George, (2021), Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc, London
  • Spirit and the Politics of Disablement, Sharon V. Betcher, (2007), Fortress Press, Minneapolis, MN
  • Kay Morgan-Gurr writes articles on Disability, Ableism and the Church, some of her articles can be found here: 


Fiona MacMillan