Chapel in the Fields: Named and Known

We have lived through difficult times and each of us has been on our own journey through sunshine and shadow. As the world turns again, Chapel in the Fields want to offer you an opportunity to pause, rest, reflect and pray. They have placed beautiful pieces of wood, ceramic and stone in the Chapel, and invite you to spend sometime, alone or with family and friends, in this quiet, special place. There are open days, when anyone can come and private days, when you can come alone or in a group.

Open days 2 - 5 pm
August 8 & 11 - September 19 & 22 - October 17 & 20

Private days 2 - 5 pm
September 5 & 8 - October 3, 6 & 31

All enquiries and bookings
please email:
or mobile 07854 988632