New (G)race podcast

New (G)race podcast with Azariah France-Williams, Winnie Varghese plus Episcopal priest, justice seeker, grace extender, Glenna Huber.

(G)race 7: "Organising people and money"

“I was being introduced to organising before I knew what was organising… I organised a movement to make sure students had a voice… I believe that organising has implications for how we do church…”

Glenna J. Huber is Rector of the Church of the Epiphany, Washington DC and previously Vicar at the Holy Nativity Episcopal Church, Baltimore.

"I remember the fight to get the bus service… We would go to churches… if they were prominent black churches… you got buy in… you make change happen... You gotta be in relationship with the earth… with the people… listening… Organising people and money creates change…"

A former consultant for urban congregations on community organising in congregational development, Glenna joins Azariah France-Williams and Winnie Varghese to talk God, race, community organising and extending grace.

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