New (G)race podcast

(G)race is the HeartEdge podcast featuring conversations about God and race with Azariah France-Williams, Winnie Varghese and guests.

New (G)race podcast episode! Jarel Robinson-Brown joins Azariah France-Williams and Winnie Varghese for compelling conversation about God and race. "It’s not possible to compartmentalise parts of me… I can’t compartmentalise faith from gender, from sexuality, from class, from race… that’s my life. That makes sense of me..."

Here, Jarel talks Methodism, Christian origins in Africa and Asia, intersectionality and exile, finding James Baldwin, and older black Windrush generation parishioners... "If you can model some level of honesty and integrity then you allow other people to do that... that is what will help dismantle the unhelpful structures we have in place. More honesty, more integrity and more vulnerability from those who are in power…".

Jarel is a theologian and Assistant Curate at St Botolph's-Without-Aldgate.

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