We Have a Dream

The Autumn Lecture Series at St Martin-in-the-Fields for 2021 is entitled 'We Have a Dream' and will take place from September-November. 

We have a dream Our Autumn Lecture Series for 2021 brings together an inspirational group of speakers. It invites them to dream again on the vital issues of our nation and planet, after a pandemic that has changed the way we live and relate to one another and the world.

Drawing on Martin Luther King Jr’s famous words, we aim in this series to address for today some of the essential choices and needs and hopes facing our precious and yet wounded world. Who are the prophetic voices for our time, and how can the church answer that challenge? How do we respond to the crucial issues reshaping our world like migration and those seeking sanctuary and safety through their journeys? How does racialised justice and ‘Black Lives Matter’ confront our history, our present inequalities and the way we live our future? What is the threat to our planet and the danger of extinction, and what is so crucial at the COP26 Global Summit? What is the place of theatre and the creative arts in the way we learn to understand our world and live our dreams? What is the vision of St Martin’s, at the heart, on the edge, seeking a vision of faith that can find God’s abundance even in scarcity that can inspire people to dream again even in the face of adversity? 

After the ravages of the pandemic, it’s time for church and society to learn to dream again. Dr Martin Luther King Jr, had a dream of racial equality and social justice. Inspired by his dream, we’re gathering a chorus of dreamers from different walks of life to inform and shape our dreams for the years to come. (Revd Dr Sam Wells)  

This lecture series takes place in the church at St Martin’s and will also be live- streamed.  Tickets both for those wanting to attend and those who want to watch online are available from:  www.smitf.org/lectures. There is the chance both to buy a ticket which helps to make this programme possible, make a donation, or request a free ticket so this series can be open to all. 

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21st September 2021

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