Our Lockdown in 30 Objects – Hertford St. Andrew’s

Local stories of courage and care, resilience and hope - An old boot with its sole detached. A denim jacket themed with West End shows. A Zimmer frame. These are just some of the exhibits at “Our Lockdown in 30 Objects”, an exhibition taking place at Hertford St Andrew’s Church in mid-October.

Each object says something about how its contributor has experienced this time of lockdowns and the pandemic. Short accompanying stories provide a glimpse into an array of experiences: how people coped with the restrictions, how they kept in touch with others, plans that went unfulfilled, ventures undertaken to help those in need, hospitalisation with Covid-19.

We hope that this collection of objects and stories will give visitors an insight into how life has been throughout this time for a cross-section of our community, but also provide echoes of their own personal experience. And we encourage visitors to share their impressions with us and become part of the conversation. This is an invitation to “tell us about your lockdown: tell us what you missed, what you cherished. Tell us what has mattered to you.”

Rev Alan Stewart, of Hertford St Andrew’s: “It's so important that we tell the story of this extraordinary time in our town's history, and what better way than through these individual testimonies of courage and care, resilience and hope.”

To coincide with the exhibition there will also be another churchyard project with several outdoor installations on the theme of Thankfulness, put together with the help of local schools.

The exhibition will run from Saturday 9th October to Sunday 17th October 2021 (daily 10am-4pm except during services). Refreshments available on both Saturdays.