HeartEdge Learning Hub resources

In addition to the resources we have prepared for Generosity Week, we have also provided resources for the National Giving Team's Learning Hub.

These include 'Theology of Giving', a three part course in which Sam Wells explores the following timely topics:

  • Investing in the Kingdom: Let’s take this time of financial heart searching in our church and see it as a gift from the Holy Spirit, a gift for the clarifying of the gospel, the renewing of the church, and the rediscovery of the kingdom. Make money your friend in the business of making friends, remember that generosity is the best investment, let God show you the kingdom – and let that kingdom renew the church.
  • Minding God’s Business: Is there something inherently problematic in church getting too tangled up in business? If there is such a thing as the business of the kingdom, what kind of business might that involve, and what are its purposes? What is the potential for a kingdom business movement within the vision of church renewal?
  • God, Church & Kingdom – How does money look when we see it in the three mirrors of God, Church and Kingdom?

Additional resources include the book extracts:

  • Investing in the Kingdom; and
  • Minding God's business.

This course is most suitable for clergy, future clergy, theological colleges and all members of PCCs, though it is open to anyone to join.

We have also provided the following case studies:

  • Greyfriars Kirk: For centuries, Greyfriars Kirk has had a heart for the poor of Edinburgh. The Grassmarket Community Project is a partnership between Greyfriars Kirk and the Grassmarket Mission, building on their long history of outreach to Edinburgh’s most disenfranchised people. Based on the principle that a hand up is more empowering than a handout, what was once a soup kitchen has been transformed into a community project that changes lives through sustainable social enterprise.
  • Sherriff Centre: Facing out into the town on the corner of Sherriff Road, St James’ has long had a visible presence in West Hampstead, but in 2012 the church building was closed to the community for most of the week. A social enterprise based around the Post Office could turn the church into a space open for everyone – improving local quality of life, creating opportunities for mission, and contributing to expensive upkeep of the building.
  • St John's Seven Kings: St John's is an example of how churches can survive and thrive in changing and challenging times and locations. What was achieved at St John's demonstrates the value of community engagement and commercial activity for churches in areas where numbers of Christians overall were declining. Sustaining their congregation, improving their finances and developing new ministry was a significant achievement in their context and shows that combining congregation, compassion, commerce and culture (the 4 Cs) is an approach which is relevant to each and every church and community and needs to be shared and used more widely within the Church as a whole.
  • St Luke's Prestonville: An example of how building community partnerships can help churches grow and flourish. The year 2020 saw our community work take over in a really positive way. We found a real solidarity with our partners and by pulling together, our relationships are better.

The Generosity Learning Hub provides resources, guidance and inspiration so that you have all you need to feel confident teaching and preaching generous giving in our churches. The Learning Hub brings together a wide variety of resources, from all traditions, for all settings.

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