Living God's Future Now - Brian McLaren

‘Living God’s Future Now’ describes a series of online seminars, discussions and presentations hosted by HeartEdge. They are designed to equip, encourage and energise church leaders, laypeople and enquirers alike, in areas such as preaching, growing a church, shifting online, deepening spirituality in a congregation and responding to social need.

The focal event in 'Living God's future now' is a monthly conversation in which Sam Wells explores what it means to improvise on God’s kingdom with a leading theologian or practitioner. Earlier conversations were with Walter Brueggemann, John McKnight, Chine McDonald, +Rachel Treweek, Stanley Hauerwas, Barbara Brown Taylor, Kelly Brown Douglas, Steve Chalke, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Sarah Coakley, and Jonathan Tran.

At 6.00 pm (GMT) on Thursday 14 October 2021, Sam Wells and Brian McLaren will be in conversation to discuss how to improvise on the kingdom.

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Brian McLaren is primarily known as a thinker and writer. His first book, The Church on the Other Side: Doing Ministry in the Postmodern Matrix, (Zondervan, 1998, rev. ed. 2000) has been recognized as a primary portal into the current conversation about ministry in a postmodern context. A Generous Orthodoxy (Zondervan, 2004), is a personal confession and has been called a “manifesto of the emerging church conversation.” Faith After Doubt (2021) makes the bold proposition that only doubt can save the world (and your faith). And Do I Stay Christian? (2022) helps struggling Christians address the questions of whether and how to stay Christian when the term can mean irreconcilable things.