(Still) Calling from the Edge report

Naomi Lawson Jacobs has prepared a report on the (Still) Calling from the Edge conference which was organised through a partnership between St Martin-in-the-Fields & Inclusive Church, and hosted online by HeartEdge.

(Still) Calling from the Edge was our 10th annual conference on disability and church. A space for disabled people to gather to resource each other and the church.

Read Naomi's report here. They write:

'We are still calling from the edge. The conference remains one of the only places where I can look around and see the disabled people of God, speaking for ourselves. The most listened-to voices on disability and church are still those of non-disabled people. “They speak from the centre, not the edge,” Fiona told us. But over the past ten years, this conference has become a space for the disabled-led conversation about disability and church that we have been longing to hear. It is growing into a community that resources disabled leaders and amplifies disabled Christian voices. It shapes disability theology, spinning out into ground-breaking discussions like Fiona MacMillan’s Shut In, Shut Out, Shut Up on the HeartEdge platform.  Through the Living Edge conference, disabled and neurodivergent Christians are showing the church another way to think about different bodies, distinctive minds, and lived experience of oppression. The way of the Christ of the margins, who ministered from the edge, to the edge.'