Weekly events (Sunday 21st November)

Living God’s Future Now is our online festival of theology, ideas and practice. Join us for talks, workshops and discussions. Living God's Future Now is designed to equip, encourage and energise churches—from leaders to volunteers and enquirers—at the heart and on the edge.

The online programme includes:

  • Regular weekly workshops: Sermon Preparation (Tuesdays) and Community of Practitioners (Wednesdays)
  • One-off workshops on topics relevant to lockdown such as ‘Growing online communities’ and ‘Grief, Loss & Remembering’

Find recordings of earlier Living God’s Future Now sessions here.

For future events, check out the revamped events section of our website. HeartEdge partners can now promote their own events through the HeartEdge website. Just log in to the Partners' Area to submit your event details for both online and in-person events. 


What's on this week


Theology Group
Sunday 21 November, 12:00-13:00
In-person at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church Hall.

Join us after Sunday's service at St Martin-at-the-Fields for a conversation with Sam Wells on the theology behind the Feast of Christ the King. What do we mean by the kingship and sovereignty of God? How can we understand temporal power and authority in the light of Christ's kingship? We will start at 12.00 in the Church Hall after coffee.



HeartEdge Culture Clinic
Monday 22 November, 11:00-12:00 (GMT), Zoom.
Register here.

Culture Clinic is the new monthly offer for anyone and everyone looking for support in developing their church cultural engagement— from setting up a gallery space to hosting gigs, comedy or movie nights. The Clinic offers practical 1:1 support with Sarah Rogers, HeartEdge Culture Development Coordinator.



Sam and Sally's Sermon Preparation Workshop
Tuesday 23 November, 16:30-17:30 (GMT)
Livestreamed on the HeartEdge Facebook Page.

Sam Wells and Sally Hitchiner discuss this Sunday's readings and offer practical tips on preaching.



Community of Practitioners
Wednesday 24 November 16:00-17:00 (GMT)
Email Rose Lyddon here to take part.

This is a space for practitioners, lay and ordained, to reflect on theology and practice. Each week, we alternate between 'Wonderings' and discussion of a work of theology. This week will be an informal sharing space focused on 'Wonderings', which help us to reflect and pray on what has stood out for each of us in the last week. Newcomers are very welcome.



Inspired to Follow: The Four Last Things
Friday 26 November, 16.30-17.30, Zoom.
Register here.
This four-week course explores the big themes of Advent—death, judgement, heaven and hell—using fine art paintings from the National Gallery, Biblical stories, theological reflection and conversation with others. This Friday we begin to reflect on the theme of death, considering Mark 15:33-45 and Rembrandt's The Lamentation over the Dead Christ. All are welcome.


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