Calling from the Edge article

'Calling from the Edge' is an article by Fiona MacMillan and Samuel Wells for Plough Quarterly, a magazine of stories, ideas, and culture to inspire faith and action. In the article, they say that disability asks us questions that only more questions can answer.

The article reflects on experience, over the last ten years, of hosting an annual conference on theology and disability which, in recent years, has been hosted online by HeartEdge. Participants in the conferences, several hundred people in total, come from extraordinarily diverse backgrounds, and have lived experience of a wide range of disability. 

They write that: 'Across so much diversity, participants have two things in common. They have experience and gifts that church and society have seldom understood, rarely honored, and frequently suppressed. And they have questions that challenge the location from which theology has often been approached and the subjects theology conventionally addresses. In other words, they’re looking for receptivity and belonging in church and society, and they’re drawing us all into deeper relationship with God.'

Read the article here.