New music workshops for the New Year

US composer, conductor, scholar, performer, concert producer, and educator, Delvyn Case, is returning to HeartEdge to run a second series of his 'Jesus Is Just Alright' series of pop music and Jesus, plus a workshop exploring Genesis 22 through the lens of his new cantata.

For over 50 years, pop musicians in all genres have explored the meaning and significance of Jesus in their music. The result is a rich collection of songs that consider important spiritual questions like faith, doubt, and prayer in unique and often provocative ways.

Delvyn Case and Jonathan Evens will, in conversation, mine this rich resource to share rock and pop music for Lent (4 January), Easter (10 January) and Christmas (18 January). Register at

Then on Tuesday 13 January at 15:00 GMT, we will explore Genesis 22 through the lens of a new cantata written by Delvyn. Register at

For millennia, the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac has provoked Jews and Christians to explore questions central to our religious lives: What is faith? What does God require of us? How do our Scriptures reveal those answers?

This ecumenical event explores these questions through the lens of a new musical composition inspired by Genesis 22 by American composer Delvyn Case.

Participants will view a video of the world-premiere performance of this new work and then engage in small-group discussion about the ways it explores the complexities of this ancient story.

Moderators include Delvyn Case, composer and hymn writer June Boyce Tillman, and Revd Jonathan Evens.

Delvyn Case is a composer, conductor, scholar, performer, concert producer, and educator based in the Boston area who has set up Rock of Ages (, a website where he shares his research into Jesus and Popular songs.