Entering the Twofold Mystery

Entering the Twofold Mystery - Book Launch
WEDNESDAY 26 JANUARY 2022, 6.30PM - 7.30PM GMT

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Hear Sarah Coakley talk to Erik Varden about his new book at this online event hosted by Church House Bookshop in association with Bloomsbury.

Erik Varden published The Shattering of Loneliness in 2018. Now, with the world in the throes of uncertainty and turbulence, he helps us interpret the signs of the times, convinced that the perennial experience of monks and nuns has much to teach us. The principles of monasticism have become attractive to many, awakened as we are to the importance of integrity, the pursuit of peace, asceticism as a path to freedom, hospitality and contemplative seeing. After a deeply personal introduction, Varden invites us to consider what makes a monk. He then takes us on a pilgrimage through the Church's year, drawing on Scripture, tradition and literary and religious figures of our time. Varden lets the reader discover the generous breadth and depth of a monk's outlook on life. In so doing he provides inspiration, enjoyment and enlightenment in equal measure.

Erik Varden is a monk and bishop. Norwegian by birth, he was, before entering Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, a Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. He has published several translations and scholarly monographs and is much in demand as a preacher, spiritual director and lecturer. In 2019 Pope Francis appointed him to the see of Trondheim. 

Sarah Coakley is a systematic theologian and philosopher of religion who is also an Anglican priest. She has recently retired from the Norris-Hulse Professorship of Divinity at Cambridge University, and now holds honorary positions at Oriel College, Oxford, the Logos Institute at St Andrews University, and the Australian Catholic University. Amongst her recent publications are God, Sexuality and the Self (2013) and The New Asceticism (2015), and she is busy writing the remaining volumes of her systematic theology.

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26th January 2022

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