HeartEdge Update - January 2022

HeartEdge is an international, ecumenical movement of churches shaped by pastoral ministry, fostering an appetite for compassionate, cultural and commercial opportunities.

We're about:

  • Expanding the imagination of a church captivated by scarcity.
  • Church being fully-alive, transforming church and society through commerce, culture, compassion and congregational life.

In this month's Update (January 2022): 

  • Paula Gooder and Deborah Lewes on art and participation - plus Sarah Rogers on church and Heritage Trails.
  • Jo Beacroft Mitchell on funding tactics and tips.
  • Ched Myers on advocacy and Dave Andrews 'idiots guide'.
  • Plus Credit Union's, 'Common Change', & 'Shared Enterprise Clubs'.
  • And Victoria Turner on her new book and a generation of young people disillusioned with church, the meaning of 'woke', Christianity as a radical movement and breaking out from being boxed-in...

Read the January Update here.