Congregation: Building people power

Heartedge churches talk about the challenges of finding enough people to support the great ideas they have - it's a big deal.  It can feel demoralising when we have exciting plans but can’t get them off the ground because of a lack of people power.

Partners in the community are often a great source of support and even people power but we long to see more church members getting involved in projects beyond Sunday worship.  Last months mailer contains a great article with advice on how to encourage more people into volunteering from across the community.  But it’s easy to overlook what we might already have right in front of us; often the time and talents we need are held in the congregations we already have, and at Heartedge we are great believers that God has already provided all we need to flourish if only we pay attention.

Often times people aren’t great at recognising their own gifts, or might be hesitant or nervous to step up because they feel they lack training or worry they won’t have the time to give.  Simply asking people to fill the gaps doesn’t tend to be fruitful in the long run as it’s the same people who put themselves forwards.  So what if we asked different questions?  What if we asked people to take the time to really reflect on their gifts and what they have to offer?  What hidden talents and treasures might we find if we dared to ask “what do you want to do?”. 

Attached is a template leaflet designed for churches to encourage these kinds of conversations in their own congregations.  The questions can be adapted to context as can the design.   Jo Beacroft-Mitchell People - HeartEdge is available to offer advice and guidance on how best to adapt this approach for your project or church.  Why not get in touch, have a go and then let us know what hidden talents you uncover.