Music and Liturgy for Lent

Last year Andy Salmon and Andrew Earis introduced Music and Liturgy for Lent with some of the HeartEdge Choral Scholars. The recording is available here and for those who are interested here is the list of books referred to and music performed. We are continuing the series with Music and Liturgy for Meditation (30th Jan) and Music and Liturgy for Evening Worship (13th March)

Liturgical Resources for Lent.

There is a wealth of resources available but here are some referred to today.

“Common Worship: Times and Seasons” by Church of England (publisher: Church House Publishing) (available in multiple bookshops)

“Living Word” is available from Redemptorist Press here:

“The Pattern of our Days” by The Iona Community, edited by Kathy Galloway (publisher: Wild Goose Publications) (limited availability but a lot of material is available as E-books or  E-Liturgies on

“Liturgies from Lindisfarne – Prayers and services for the pilgrimage of life” by Ray Simpson (publisher: Kevin Mayhews) (available in multiple bookshops)

“The Backwater Sermons” – Poems by Jay Hulme (publisher: Canterbury Press) (available in multiple bookshops)

“Creative Ideas for Evening Prayer” by Jan Brind and Tessa Wilkinson (publisher: Canterbury Press) (limited availability)

“David’s Crown – Sounding the Psalms” by Malcolm Guite (publisher: Canterbury Press) (available in multiple bookshops)

“New Patterns for Worship” by Church of England (publisher: Church House Publishing) (available in multiple bookshops)

A Spotify playlist of recorded music suitable playing during prayer actions or times of reflection.

“40” by Si Smith and Chris Goan. Proost when they are not having a revamp are a great place for resources and still seem to have this book for sale as a download here:

“Prayers for an Inclusive Church” by Steven Shakespeare (publisher: Canterbury Press) (available in multiple bookshops)

Sing Praise (Canterbury Press)

Ancient and Modern: Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship (Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd)

In Every Corner Sing ed. Geoff Weaver (Royal School of Church Music)


Music Used in the Workshop.


Oh Mary, don’t you weep, don’t you mourn’ - Hogan

I want Jesus to walk with me – arr. Shackley

Jesu grant me this I pray - Chilcott


From ashes to the living font – Alan Hommerding
Above the voices of the world around me – Timothy Dudley-Smith
O God you search me – Bernadette Farrell
Travelling the Road to Freedom - John Bell & Graham Maule

Ghanaian – Dinah Reindorf

Taizé Chants
God is forgiveness - Communaute de Taizé
Jesus, remember me - Berthier


Published by

Andy Salmon

Date published

12th January 2023

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