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Edge Lab: What Are We Good At?

We have so many ways to know what we're not good at. Character Strengths are a way to counter that.

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Service Description

What's the best way to work with and develop character? The VIA (vee-uh) framework offers a better personal and team development resource than the customary personality assessments. Rooted in the science of character strengths, VIA provides a structured method for self-improvement that focuses on cultivating virtues and strengths. This emphasis on your positive attributes enables individuals and teams to achieve personal fulfilment, foster development, and enhance collaboration. And ... it's free and easy to apply. But how can we use VIA strengths in our lives and with our congregations? That is what this Edge Lab will explore. Using VIA strengths can significantly boost confidence, happiness, and positive relationships while reducing stress and anxiety. By focusing on what we naturally do best, VIA promotes a flourishing life, echoing Aristotle's wisdom that excellence comes from what we repeatedly do. For clergy, recognising and applying their unique strengths can inspire, motivate, and support not only themselves but also their congregations and teams. Imagine the transformative impact on your community if every member's strengths were acknowledged and cultivated. Envision leaders equipped with the knowledge to inspire and motivate through a profound understanding of each individual's unique strengths. This Edge Lab invites you to explore exciting avenues such as enhancing team dynamics, building resilience in pastoral care, fostering authentic leadership, and developing innovative approaches to sermons and teachings. Join us to discover how focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses can revolutionise your leadership and community engagement approach, creating a vibrant, strengths-based congregation.

Cancellation Policy

Please give us a week's notice if you need to cancel to allow someone else to use the spot.

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HeartEdge - London Hub 5 St. Martin's Pl, London WC2N 4JH, UK

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