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Our mission is to  help you discover  what God is doing in your  church and community  and equip you to develop your plans to be a  transforming presence  for good

Coming soon for  practitioners 

 For 2024,  we are thrilled to unveil a range of exciting new products and services for practitioners. We are committed to empowering and equipping you with innovative tools and resources to enhance your mission and ministry.

We've got a wealth of transformative opportunities, including immersive training sessions, thought-provoking workshops, cutting-edge consultancy services, and dynamic peer support networks called the Practitioners Community.


Whether you are seeking to revitalise congregational life, embrace arts and culture, delve into compassionate outreach, or explore innovative commercial activities, our upcoming lineup has something for you.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and you may want embark on a journey of transformation and growth with HeartEdge this autumn.


Autumn 2023 (details for 2024 are coming soon)

 Greenbelt Festival 

August 24 – 27

If you're going ... join us at The Exchange, Greenbelt Festival's vibrant hub for participatory and practical workshops on innovation the HeartEdge way. Discover new perspectives, unleash your creativity, and be part of transformative experiences that will help you to make a positive impact in your community and beyond.  See you at The Exchange! Let us know if you'll be going here. 

 Day Crafting 

September 14 – Oct 19

[Now fully subscribed] As part of our Leadership Development Programme this Autumn, we're launching something new. Discover the transformative power of Day Crafting in our 6-week course. Learn to manage your time and energy more effectively, reducing burnout and enhancing your quality of life. Join us on this personal development journey and bring a renewed sense of purpose to your role.


One of our team developed Day Crafting, and you can find out more about it here.


On our Service page, you will find some start times for this course to suit both sides of the Atlantic. Whichever you choose, the course runs for six weeks (over Zoom) and will cost £54. The course is limited to small numbers to ensure you receive individual attention and support.

 Edge Labs 

From October onwards

We're really excited about these. They're a mix between a workshop, a working party and a specialised learning community – and each will be a series of practitioner, action learning journeys.

Each of these will be dynamic and engaging sessions exploring topics ranging from volunteer engagement, use of AI in ministry, working out what slow ministry might look like and and burnout prevention to fostering vibrant community connection.


The learning and expertise will come from the participants as we unlock new possibilities between the sessions roughly a month apart. 


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 Why be with  HeartEdge in your journey?  

Churches that learn and thrive can become agents of hope, healing and justice

Across the country, there are churches that are creating new ways of being church in a changing world. They are churches at the heart of their communities, whilst being with those on the edge. When scarcity could so easily dictate their thinking and their actions, what the leaders of these churches have in common is an effective innovation skillset, a shift to an abundance mindset, and a belief that God provides more than they need.

The way people connect with faith is changing. The way people experience community is changing. Many churches are stuck using methods to reach people who are no longer interested in what they are offering. Business as usual means this disconnect grows and prevents churches from fully realising their potential as catalysts for positive change and spiritual nourishment.


The changes in the world are are only going to accelerate and intensify. If churches act now, they can seize this opportunity to renew their mission, reinvigorate their ministry, and revitalise their place at the centre of their communities. They can become catalysts for Kingdom transformation in their contexts. They can become agents of hope, healing and justice in the world.


Churches that learn, innovate and adapt, will occupy the heart of their communities while reaching out to those on the edge. They will thrive and become beacons of hope, unity and transformation. Those that don't will struggle to maintain their relevance and impact.​

A community that fosters compassion, embraces culture and leverages commerce

This way of being church is not just an active congregation, but a vibrant, inclusive community hub. A community that fosters compassion, encourages culture and embraces commerce for mission enhancement.


It is a church that ...

  • Develops open, hospitable, inclusive approaches to day-to-day communal life, liturgy and worship

  • Partners with others on the edges to form reciprocal relationships and releases the gifts of all

  • Re-imagines the Christian narrative through creativity for the present culture

  • Develops income streams to achieve financial sustainability and grow flourishing programmes


What if you could join a movement that helps you to navigate the changes in the world and grow your church through these approaches? What if you could access resources, ideas, support and mentors that help you to overcome the obstacles and challenges that you face? What if you could connect with other churches that share your vision and values and learn from their experiences and insights?​


HeartEdge is a network of practitioners developing leadership mindset, innovation skillset and entrepreneurial practice

HeartEdge offers the tools and resources to navigate this new landscape. HeartEdge is not a programme or a project. It is a network of practitioners, experts by experience, mentors and supporters who share ideas, resources, learning opportunities, connections and stories.


We are a community of practitioners that takes time to listen, learn and support this growing movement.


HeartEdge helps churches to:


  1. Access insight and knowledge from others with entrepreneurial experience and innovative approaches

  2. Develop practitioners with an innovation skillset relevant to their situation, and learn from their stories

  3. Develop and network leaders with the abundance mindset and experience, for professional support


You don’t need to have it all figured out. You don’t need to have all the answers. You don’t need to have all the resources. You just need to have a desire to learn, experiment and collaborate.

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