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About HeartEdge

We set up HeartEdge to expand the imagination of a church captivated by scarcity. HeartEdge is about church becoming fully alive. It seeks to transform church and society through commerce, culture, compassion and congregational life.


HeartEdge does this through:

 Transforming Practice 
  • Encouraging, fostering, training practitioners in imaginative and holistic approaches to mission.

  • Through training, education, consultancy, peer support, signposting and examples.

 Transforming Discourse 
  • Coining new language and engaging topical issues through the lens of God’s abundance.

  • Through seminars, summer schools, events and conferences live and online.


 Transformative Programmes 
  • Offering tested ‘products’ that practitioners can swiftly implement.

  • Through cultivating and promoting specific mission initiatives that can be adapted for local use.


HeartEdge inspires churches to develop the 'four Cs' 


Commerce: Generating finance via enterprise, creatively extending mission.


Culture: Art, music, performance re-imagining the Christian narrative for the present.


Congregation: Inclusive liturgy, worship and common life.


Compassion: Empowering congregations to address social need. 

We support churches in reimagining themselves and society. This is about churches engaging in commerce, culture, compassion or congregational life – our 4 Cs – investing in two, three or all four at the same time. We work with churches moving beyond conventional notions of church, being open to partnership  and collaboration with others in the wider world.

What we do

HeartEdge is focused on sharing; connecting; consultancy and development.

We share ideas, news and stories via a monthly email.

We build connections via local and national events and consultancy days. We facilitate this with a network of HeartEdge partners – people and churches, experts by experience, offering mentoring and support.

We work with churches to identify gaps in resourcing, supporting development and new ways of working.

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